Modern Vision Art


Hello my name is Tim Hudec owner of Modern Vision Art, I am an Artist and I draw lines. I love it. I love being able to take nothing and turn it into something. Whether it’s a real nothings or nothing nothings, (things drawn digitally in the infinite alternate universe that is my operating system, and the world wide web;) I like to do this in as many ways as I can. On canvas, on paper, on sidewalks, on plywood and walls! I love being able to portray the beauty in the uniqueness and difference of things while simply using whites, blacks and colours of all sorts.

I’ve loved art my whole life flipping through picture books, comic books and books of old paintings by great painters. (Never read them though, just looked at the pictures)

I had a lot of time to do this as I wasn’t formally educated, in fact I haven't attended a day of school in my life. Most all of what I know has been self taught, reading and writing, sketching, painting and a modest working knowledge of an assortment of digital art programs. Having a whole day to yourself apart from the daily chores and very little emphasis on a structured study routine, I was able to devote almost all of it to my own interests. I was fascinated by art, especially art from comics books such as Asterix and Obelix, Tintin, Calvin and Hobbes. I also had a real appreciation for storytelling, ancient history and paleontology (what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs) I remember as a kid drawing pictures of Calvin and Hobbes with pet compsognathus. Anyway, I had a bit of an unorthodox upbringing, but i'm grateful for it as I believe it has given me a very unique perspective on the world and those residing in it. I have a forever wondering side of my soul, that I thank my mother for. It’s lead me to many different paths in my life, influenced how I create and pushed the boundaries of my imagination with my art. As my art and company grow i hope to be able to create something that will help to improve the lives of everyone who comes across it. To instill or inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity, and the fortitude to stand for something greater than ourselves.